Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Summer is upon us and no-one needs to be told twice to enjoy the sunshine….

The sun is a great contender but we are willing to give it a run for its money with our Contemporary Art Exhibition - A 2nd Chance, 12 - 19 July 2010.

Three talented artists will present their Contemporary Art Work in the St Peter’s Church Rooms at the top of the village of Port Isaac (next to the Pea Pod Gallery).

We believe it will equal the great moments you spend in the sun this summer and are sure you will feel warmth radiating somewhere in your being, when you see the fine artworks we present.

Martiens Bekker, a sculptor who creates unique ‘beings’ from scrap metal and wood, will show you how to give them life and A 2nd Chance.

Martyn Dempsey needs no introduction, and as the many who admire his work will know, his colourful paintings make you feel like the sun is out, even on the most miserable of days.

Rose Hatcher is a ‘hot’ new talent in Cornwall who observes more than what the eye can see; A photograph can be just a captured visual memory, but Rose adds a dimension of her own imagination, by questioning the reality of that captured moment.

This exhibition is on for seven days only - so make hay while the sun shines and make sure not to miss it!

12-19 July, St Peters Church Rooms, Port Isaac

Martiens Bekker - http://sites.google.com/site/artrikascrapart/

Martyn Dempsey - http://www.martyndempseyartist.co.uk/

Rose Hatcher - www.rosehatcherphotography.co.uk